• Thomas Parlmer

    Thomas Parlmer

  • droplet


    Community Focused, Ethically Driven

  • shreya.nanda




    Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism … VISIT OUR PUBLICATION ON MEDIUM: https://medium.com/binj-reports

  • Vladimir Volkomorov

    Vladimir Volkomorov

    Media, journalism, politics. Yekaterinburg, Russia. vladimir.volkomorov@gmail.com; http://telegram.me/MrVolkomorov; line & KakaoTalk: volkomorov

  • Henry Hauge

    Henry Hauge

    Disciple of Jesus. Husband, father of 4. Data engineer, machine learner, predictive analyst. Dude with chronic illness. Social conservative.

  • Joe Hootman

    Joe Hootman

    Diving into oceans of data to discover pearls that help you make wiser decisions. Predictive data analyst, machine learner, data engineer. Disciple in Austin.

  • Алексей Тимофеев

    Алексей Тимофеев

    редактор, контент-маркетолог, журналист — http://timofeev.pro/

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